Knock Out Online Boxing Course
Knock Out Online Boxing Course
Knock Out Online Boxing Course
Knock Out Online Boxing Course
Knock Out Online Boxing Course

Knock Out Online Boxing Course

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Whether you’ve never thrown a punch or you want to sharpen your skills in the ring, the Knock Out online boxing course from KO Studio is for you!

It covers all the boxing basics, breaks down essential techniques, and shares advanced strategies for defense and footwork.

You’ll work with Anais, a professional boxer and coach out of Lights Out Boxing & MJM Muay Thai to grow your confidence and improve your skill set.

This course features 10 step-by-step educational videos and 3 follow-along workouts that increase in intensity. With calisthenics circuits, mobility exercises, and bag work you’ll get active, stay fit and practice new skills right from the comfort of your home.

Each boxing workout will be a complete class in itself, with stretching, warm-up exercises, combos, and finally a cool down.

Note: Customers must make an account with KO Studio in order to access the course.

In this course, you’ll be learning many basics of boxing, including:

  • How to wrap your hands
  • Proper boxing stance + guard (southpaw & orthodox)
  • Punches: Jab, Cross (hook), and Uppercut
  • Defense: Step back, slips, rolls, and pivot

Each topic is broken down into small steps to ensure that everyone will be able to follow along to learn and practice each technique. Anais will teach you the basics of how to wrap your hands. As a side note, there are many correct ways to wrap your hands. If you are already comfortable with a specific way, that’s perfect!

You'll also learn how to stand in a proper boxing stance and guard and how to move in your stance. Anais will be going through both the Southpaw stance, as well as the Orthodox stance. You’ll be taken through the basic punches and defense, as well as exercises with different combinations of the punches!

This online course is meant for people of all ages and fitness levels. You can expand on your boxing knowledge and skills by starting with the basics, and bettering your form as you progress through each section. We can’t wait to start your boxing journey with you! Let’s knock this out <3 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

It's really hard starting a new sport because a lot of the time you can feel intimidated, ESPECIALLY in a male dominated sport. With this, you feel like you want to keep getting out there and learn more. It's motivating and inspiring! It's such a good step for if you're just beginning or have been training awhile & want to go back to fundamentals.


Such a helpful course for brand new boxers and experienced folks looking to get back to basics!!

Brianna Starr
amazing motivation!!

this has been absolutely amazing! it holds me accountable, and it genuinely helps. as a beginner, i needed a lot of help with my stance. this gives me the necessary tools in an easy to understand way.

Allison Wan
Love it

This is one I definately recommend learning if you’re shy to go to the studio because it really teaches form and technique!

Ilenia Maietta
Amazing course!

I have been out for an injury for a while and this course has helped me a lot to continue practising the basics of boxing without further injuring myself! The course is so well structured and organised and I absolutely love it. Would love to see more variations for other martial arts!