The Ultimate KO Gift Guide

The Ultimate KO Gift Guide

It's the holiday season, and the time for giving... If you're not sure what to get your loved ones, we're here to help!

Finding gifts for the boxer in your life can be equally fun and tricky. Especially if you don’t box yourself. Here we will show you the best KO gifts to give to your loved ones, friends, or even just yourself! 

For the Fighter in Your Life 

Every boxer will agree that you can never have too many hand wraps. Gift them the Strength and Grace Hand Wraps to remind them of their power and the Sunrise hand wraps for a little fun. Plus the Ink wraps of course, because they go with everything.

For Your Loved One

Whether it's for your daughter, sister, granddaughter, or any other loved one, they are bound to fall in love with these wraps. Not only are these wraps so cute, they will also help to protect their wrists and keep them safe while they box. If they like a little bit of spice, you can't go wrong with the Candy Rodeo hand wraps. Alternatively, if they prefer a bit more razzle dazzle, the Matisse wraps are your go-to. Lastly, if they prefer something a bit more simple but still cute, get them the Lavender hand wraps!

For Your Partner

Show your partner how well you know them with wraps that match their personality perfectly. Your partner always brings out the best in you, so give them wraps that bring out the best in them! Whether you want to go for the Cherry Blossom wraps, the Starry Night wraps, or the Coral hand wraps, they're all super distinctive and your partner will definitely love them.

For Your Ride or Die 

These wraps are perfect for you and your bestie. You two always accidentally show up matching anyway, why not do it on purpose this time? Plus you both will look extra cute at that class you have been planning on going to together ;) Match with our most popular hand wraps, the Celestial hand wraps and the Solar hand wraps, or go for a Western vibe with our Rodeo Drive hand wraps

For the Girl you Owe It All To (A.K.A Yourself)

With all the stress that comes with the holiday season, you deserve to do something for yourself! Take a break from shopping for everyone else and your life and pick out something you will love. These wraps are a perfect way to lift your spirits for the Holidays and do a little self-care. Get a pair of our KO 01 hand wraps, the Moo hand wraps, or the Pacifica hand wraps for a bit of a pick-me-up.

For the Trio Friendship 

Finding matching gifts that are perfect for your group of three can be the hardest. The Midori, Rosè, and Ripple hand wraps are the best way to subtly match. The only hard part will be deciding whose personality goes best with each color. Grab our Trio hand wraps bundle right now at a discount for a limited time!   

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