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 Caitlyn Walsh

Amazing pair of gloves

"These gloves are absolutely stunning but are still of amazing quality. In men's gloves, my hands would be swimming in them and they didn't tighten enough at the wrist. These gloves are not as wide since they are made for women's hands and they have a dual strap which allows me to get a tighter fit around my wrist. I have tried many different gloves and these ones are a perfect fit for my hands. the padding is also really good in these gloves as well. Don't sleep on these!"

Nancy W.

New fav boxing gloves!!

Just got home from training at the gym and I can happily say that these gloves are definitely worth the investment!!!! The elastic on the closure made the wrist fit completely customizable, which is great because I have really tiny wrists. My fists also fit perfectly and the length of the gloves don't come down to my elbows, which was one thing I've always noticed about my past gloves. The design is also a great bonus! If you're looking for bag gloves, these are it :)

 Stephanie Farfan

This got me into boxing!

"I found this brand on tiktok and I immediately wanted to start boxing because of how cute everything was. I got these rosé gloves and also the short and bra rosé set and the rosé hand wraps and I’m in love with everything. The shorts and bra are so comfortable and fit perfectly (I got the size medium) and these gloves are so pretty. Never have I seen women’s boxing gloves that are pretty. Now I enjoy boxing, I even bought a standing punching bag and get a great workout at home. I feel like my wrist is supported and my small hands feel great in these. I use the hand wraps to catch all the sweat. I can’t wait to see what else you come out with…..basically just take all my money 💵"

Tiffany Chen

The best investment of my life!!!

"When I tell you these are the best gloves I've ever purchased I'm SERIOUS! I've never been able to find a pair that fit me so well, it's like these were designed just for me. It also has amazing wrist support which is amazing."

 Suhanna De Silva


“ I am literally OBSESSED with these wraps! I’ve been using Everlast wraps for the last year and a half and they’ve fallen apart on me so quickly even when only hand washing. These wraps are pretty long (good for padding your knuckles), a beautiful green shade and wash very well. I’m super happy with them and can’t wait to see what else KO has in store.“

Sky Autumn

These shorts changed my life!

“The title is no joke. I am super picky about workout shorts because of a skin condition that makes working out terrible. The compression shorts under are just right to protect my thighs from rubbing together and the waist band is PERFECT! These are a game changer for me. Truly one of the only shorts that make me feel comfortable and confident enough to do all the active things I love.If you’re thinking about it BUY IT! You won’t regret it!.“



"I do not want to remember my boxing adventures before acquiring those gloves. The 16 oz were soldout so I got the 14 oz 🙂. Wellll the paddding is perfect ! The fit for my narrow wrist & long fingers is really good!!!! I am only buying from this brand for now on . For women by women. ✊🏾"

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