7000+ women choose to train with KO over generic boxing brands

The Perfect Fit

All our gear is designed and developed for female fit

Science Meets Style

Through research and testing, our designs are ergonomically designed for female fit. Our products take female proportions & common injuries to account. And of course, everything is put through trial and testing before released!

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Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps - KoStudio.co
KoStudio.coCherry Blossom Hand Wraps
Sale price$19.00
Lizzie Shorts V2 - Ink
KoStudio.coLizzie Shorts V2 - Ink
Sale price$39.00
Gina Jacket - Ink - KoStudio.co
KoStudio.coGina Jacket - Ink
Sale price$43.00


What makes KO different?

We don't just make boxing gear for women - we're here to re-imagine the space. Our mission goes beyond designing gear and towards building an empowering community for female fighters.

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