Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps -
Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps -
Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps -
Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps -
Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps -
Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps

Cherry Blossom Hand Wraps

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Gear that looks as good as it performs. Whether you’re looking to do training, sparring, or tournament use, the KoStudio hand wraps are versatile and perfect to endure any kind of training. These hand wraps are incredibly soft, offer exceptional protection, and are more stretchy than the average pair of hand wraps. Our hand wraps ensure that all loose joints are secured with the perfect amount of wrist compression. The updated velcro closure helps secure the wrap and provides a more comfortable and protective fit for your wrists. Our logos are also now embossed on the hand wraps!

The Cherry Blossom hand wraps feature a subtle moment of beauty in the dark. This floral design was inspired by sakura petals and blooms. With the black background, the cherry blossom branches are especially highlighted in white printing. Perfect for those who prefer subtlety, monochrome, and flowers!

The KoStudio hand wraps are 150" long and are created to specifically help protect and secure your wrists, knuckles, and any loose joints while training Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA. Thumb loops and a hook and loop closure are included as part of the design for extended support. These are the perfect pair of hand wraps for fighters, both novice and professional.

KoStudio handwraps provide additional wrist support while protecting your knuckles underneath gloves while training.

Key Features

  • 150” length provides the optimal length for the perfect fit on smaller hands
  • Specially blended fabric allows for the perfect stretch
  • Thumb loops ensure a secure attachment with a hook & loop closure
  • Extra soft, semi elastic breathable custom-blend fabric made with 70% cotton, 30% elastic material that is highly durable, breathable and fast drying
  • Embossed logo 
  • Comes in a pair of 2

Our specially designed hand wraps in the pattern/color Cherry Blossom.

Note: All handwraps have unisex sizing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Beautiful wraps!

Absolutely love these wraps -- they're well-made, feel great, and the Matisse print is gorgeous. This and my KO gloves have gotten many compliments at my boxing gym + many folks have asked where I bought them.


Love KO’s wraps, these are my third pair the colours are so cute and the quality is amazing!

Love the length of these wraps!

Wraps fit my hands great, plenty of cushion and I never feel like there’s too much on my hands. I do wish the color lasted longer in my moo wraps after a wash though.


They are lightweight enough to not get super soggy but provide enough cushion to protect your hands. I have been using them for about a month now and the gold has faded a bit but that's to be expected. They are a bit long but i have small hands. My arthritis pain has gone down significantly now that i'm using good wraps. Definitely recommend.

Brooke Sullivan
Lots of Love for the Hand Wraps

I love these hand wraps. I own many pairs of hand wraps from different companies and these are definitely my favourite. I used them for the first time this week for a punching bag session and they were amazing! They are, surprisingly, soft and have a slight bit of stretch, which I am not used to in hand wraps but I liked it. They are a good length and have super sturdy velcro.