How to take care of your gloves so they don't end up smelling worse than a rotten tuna sandwich left on an MTA metro seat!

  1. Make sure to wear hand wraps! Not only do they offer additional protection they also absorb sweat.
  2. Wash your hand wraps with warm water and dish soap!
  3. Wipe off sweat both inside and outside your gloves with an antibacterial wipe or spray. You may also create a DIY spray with 1/3 vinegar and 2/3 water!
  4. Air out your gloves to reduce bacteria build-up and scent.
  5. You can also try putting dryer sheets in to freshen up!

Taking care of hand wraps: A comprehensive guide

  1. Hand wash - to keep the hand wraps in pristine shape, we recommend soaking and washing them in soapy, warm water!
  2. Machine wash - a less time-consuming option, we suggest washing hand wraps in a laundry bag, washed on gentle cycle and cold water!
  3. No dryer: avoid heat at all costs!! Try air drying them instead to keep the fabric from shrinking.