KoStudio was built to be more than JUST an equipment brand. We’re here to re-imagine the women’s boxing scene, which for the most part has just been extremely male-dominated! From industry leaders to product catalogs, the space has disregarded female voices. We want women to know they are heard and cared for. We believe female fighters deserve equipment that is made with them in mind, and that they shouldn’t have to settle for gear that is ill-fitting and poorly designed.
Other than being the creators of the cutest boxing gear that’s ever existed, KO aims to bring the community together and create a safe and supportive space for women. As a brand, we’re passionate about female empowerment and the fight for gender equality.

Our Gear:

We’re proud to be a part of your journey! And we take this honor with a great degree of care. All our products are designed and tested in-house with design consultants and gender ergonomic experts. With a formal background in product design, Yin, the founder of KoStudio knows firsthand the importance of quality product development. All our equipment is created with the consideration of female proportions and caters to common injuries women may face.
We're sick of seeing tacky hot pink boxing gloves…
Women deserve better options!
High-performance boxing equipment that looks as good as it fits.

The issue with the current market:

The world of boxing is often defined as hyper-masculine, aggressive, and stern. The equipment that comes out of this industry reflects that. Most boxing companies do not truly cater to female needs, ignoring adjustments to fit and proportion. The products they offer are targeted toward women rather than designed for women. Female fighters are often disregarded in the sport and women in martial arts struggle with the universal experience of ill-fitting and poorly designed gear.