Q: What is the inspiration behind this brand?

A: Just over 20 years ago, women were once deemed as too fragile and emotionally unstable by boxing establishments to train and compete. Even now, the industry remains predominantly male-oriented, reflecting in boxing gear being designed to cater men.

Women's boxing celebrates the strength and resilience it takes to be a fighter, both in and out of the ring. Our brand strives to design gear that reflects the style and personality of every fighter, from novice to professional.


Q: What makes your brand different?

A: Our equipment and apparel are made specifically for women by women. Our collections are designed by fashion designers so that they're stylish, and product designers, so that they offer high-performance protection. This means we keep your style and fit in mind!


Q: How were your gloves designed for women?

A: Boxing may be seen as a male-dominated industry, and due to that most equipment and apparel on the market still cater to men. Our gloves have been tested to protect smaller hands and wrists in training. We've made adjustments in the hand and wrist enclosures in order to better protect women's bone density and structure.