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by YinQi Xie on Mar 25, 2021

Womens Boxing Glove guide for sizing and fit

KoStudio began when we realized how limited the options are for women’s boxing equipment. Finding the perfect fitting glove is essential in starting your boxing journey. We’ve specially designed our gloves for female hands in mind. The last thing we want is for your glove to go flying off in the middle of a fight, which is why we have created the perfect glove guide for you! 

Let’s begin by covering the main types of gloves, and which one is the right one for you. Standard boxing gloves range in size from 8oz to 16oz. This determines the weight of each individual glove and what size you need depends on both your hand size and what you’re using it for. 

The Basics

The standard sizes are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. The most common size for bag work is 10oz while the most common for sparring is 16oz. 


Bag Gloves vs. Sparring Gloves 

There are two main types of gloves, bag gloves and sparring gloves so let’s look at the difference: 

Bag Gloves

  • Designed for punching bags or pads
  • Thinner and lighter than sparring gloves allowing for faster movement 
  • Typically feature wrap around closure to easily take on and off
  • Recommended sizes: 8oz to 12oz 

Sparring Gloves 

  • Used for intense training and sparring
  • Greater amount of padding for better hand protection against opponent 
  • The larger the ounces the greater the shock absorbency 
  • Recommend sizes: 14oz and above

What’s the Difference between Size and Type?

Larger sized gloves have more padding, this means there will be more protection. Sparring gloves also offer more padding and are usually the thickest. 

Proper fit:

Your gloves should fit WITH HANDWRAPS ON! Please note, quick wraps or gel wraps are more space consuming than traditional handwraps. Our gloves were designed to be paired with our handwraps! When trying your glove on with hand wraps make sure you can comfortably make a fist!

*Use this guide to properly measure the circumference of your hand to select the right size glove. 

Taking Care of Gloves

Gloves are an essential part in boxing, and are not cheap. This is why it's extremely important that you properly care for your gloves in order to prolong its life-span. 

  1. Wear hand wraps to prevent sweat and moisture from contacting the glove as it will absorb most of it. 
  2. Make sure to wipe down the gloves after each use to avoid bacteria built up. You can simply use water mixed with a tbsp of vinegar and spray them.
  3. Always dry gloves before putting them into a bag.

The Perfect Fit by KO STUDIO

To design this glove, we studied the anatomy of the female hand while at Parsons School of Design. This is how we created an ergonomic glove that fits the shape of your hand perfectly by following its natural curves (from the thumb to the little finger). So the foam is always in contact with your fingers, guaranteeing optimal cushioning during strikes.

To tighten your glove more easily, we added an elastic velcro band to provide greater fit and free adjustment. The result is that your glove is perfectly adapted to your shape and provides exceptional support.

Our gloves are designed from scratch by a product designer and ex-fashion designer so you'll never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Our top priority was to design a stylish glove that ensures both protection and fit for female fighters.

Feel free to email us at for any additional questions!

Check out our boxing gloves designed specifically for women:


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