Mystery KO Hand Wraps Bundle

Mystery KO Hand Wraps Bundle

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Having trouble picking out which hand wraps you want? Want a surprise for yourself? Grab our Mystery KO Hand Wraps Bundle (with a 40% discount)! These mystery hand wraps bundles are individually selected and curated by our KO Team from our selection of 19+ pairs of hand wraps ;)

Tag yourself as: Sky Girls Aesthetic

  • Star Girl: loves rose gold and glitter, life of the party, jumps up and down in excitement, animals love them, great at keeping secrets, believes in magic,
  • Moon Girl: night owl, empath, loves astrology, might be the mom-friend of the group, 10-steps skincare routine, deep conversations, tarot card readings,
  • Sun Girl: stands up for their friends, not afraid to confront, radiates confidence, fierce, a ride or die, throws the first punch,
  • Cloud Girl: sometimes bottles up emotions, loves creating art & photography, cozy vibes, often confused, messy hair, is always the one behind camera,
  • Rain Girl: loves music & making playlist for every situation, sometimes anxious, needs coffee to function, reads poetry, makes you comfortable everytime you talk to them,

Gear that looks as good as it performs. Whether you’re looking to do training, sparring, or tournament use, the KoStudio hand wraps are versatile and perfect to endure any kind of training. These hand wraps are incredibly soft, offer exceptional protection, and are more stretchy than the average pair of hand wraps. Our hand wraps ensure that all loose joints are secured with the perfect amount of wrist compression. The updated velcro closure helps secure the wrap and provides a more comfortable and protective fit for your wrists. Our logos are also now embossed on the hand wraps!

The KoStudio hand wraps are 150" long and are created to specifically help protect and secure your wrists, knuckles and any loose joints while training Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA. Thumb loops and a hook and loop closure are included as part of the design for extended support. These are the perfect pair of hand wraps for fighters, both novice and professional.

Key Features

  • 150” length provides the optimal length for the perfect fit on smaller hands
  • Specially blended fabric allows for the perfect stretch
  • Thumb loops ensure a secure attachment with a hook & loop closure
  • Extra soft, semi elastic breathable custom-blend fabric made with 70% cotton, 30% elastic material that is highly durable, breathable and fast drying
  • Embossed logo 
  • Comes in pairs of 2

Comes with:

  • One (1) pair of hand wraps

Note: These are only __ girl aesthetic-inspired handwraps based on our current & existing KO Handwraps and not necessarily a new handwrap design.

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Mattea Krug
Best Gift

Absolutely amazing. Not only was the quality of material amazing but the designs are to die for. So fun being a mystery package (also makes it easier because I could not choose by myself!!)