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Claim this 2022 Voucher!

How to get everyone to look at you in 2022 and go: "i'm tryna be like you... ma boi." Yes.
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Living up life and being present in the moment is what we all try to be. Despite all the circumstances that are stacked against us in this unprecedented period of time, we trudge forward because even if we are wrapped up in our own microcosm of problems, babies are still born and wars are still waged. Life goes on, regardless of whether we are prepared or not.  So, what is the universe brewing for you that is waiting to be claimed? 

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can make 2022 YOUR year.

  1. Self care wellness!!

Babes, we leave the toxic, busy, over-achieving life in the past that cost us our mental and physical health and we go with what is healthy and good for us. Health is definitely wealth. We must put good nutrition, sleep, and sun time in balance with our life goals because these are all necessary to keep us well and able to keep moving forward.

 2.Heal your trauma

We all have them, that is the first step to making sure we do the inner work to help ourselves. Recognize things that trigger you; these can be things that you need to unpack within yourself to understand why it angers you. Try not to push these negative feelings away; as humans, it's inevitable that we feel these emotions and it's important to understand that it's perfectly normal. Being open minded and understanding will go a long way!

  1. Move your Body!

There's no better way to put it, exercise will give you the necessary chemical balance from within to keep you happy and healthy. They say to pick your poison and we think boxing is a really good way to kick up those endorphins! If you want to pick up boxing going into 2022 and are not sure where to start, check out this blog!

  1. Keep your tabs open

There are times when it seems ridiculous to be hyper focusing on certain personal issues and personal goals when people are going hungry all over the world and dying. Yet we cannot help but be taken completely by our daily life and that’s okay! We all have struggles to face, just keep your tabs open for others and always be kind.

  1. Learn a skill!

Open doors that you do not know exist, teach yourself and learn. Accept that you do not know everything and start from there. Learn a skill and get a new hobby. Fall in love with life, as you will learn that a better world is possible and we all have a role to play in it. To become the main character or have good assets, let’s invest in ourselves!

2022 is something we can all claim together. It's full of possibilities and even if you fail to be perfect at it, we can all imagine and strive for a better world. As cliche as that sounds, we can all bring something new or something different- to our lives, and THAT is how you own 2022.

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