The Story of Imoleayo Abel -

The Story of Imoleayo Abel

Imoleayo Abel, a 20 year old girl from Nigeria with dreams of becoming the world's best female fighter one day. Read her story here and support her with the GoFundMe Link in the blog.

Imoleayo Abel, who goes by Imole, is a 20-year-old female boxer from Nigeria. From the young age of just 4, Imole was first introduced to boxing and instantly fell in love with it. Inspired by pro boxers Clarissa Shields and Laila Ali, her goal is to one day become like them, one of the best female fighters in the world. 

The training conditions in Nigeria are poor and lack the proper facilities. She currently trains with her dad, and equipment is hard to come-by. She relies on sponsors such as KO and donations to train. Food is scarce, and sometimes it is uncertain whether or not they will have any available. An athlete's diet is crucial for safe and healthy practices, but to Imole this sacrifice is worth it to continue her training. Unhappy in her current environment, Imole hopes to one day move to the U.S. and complete her training to become a pro boxer. Despite living in such conditions, Imole keeps a positive and spirited attitude, encouraging other young girls to begin this wonderful sport.   

We want to help Imole on this journey which is why we’ve started this campaign. All proceeds will go directly to Imole to help with her training and other needs. If you would like to donate to support this cause, click here

GoFundMe Link - 

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