Boxing During Quarantine -

Boxing During Quarantine

If you really want to have a hot girl summer but don't know how or where to start, we got you. From feeling confused to not wanting to start because you might feel embarrassed, we cover all of this in the blog post!
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The lockdown and the subsequent quarantine of the world has, without a doubt, impacted each of us uniquely. A few have utilized the boredom at home by jogging, cycling even youtube dance classes. Yet many of us have found ourselves dwindling the hours away aimlessly scrolling Tik Tok and binge-watching Tiger King and Queens Gambit. Yes, quarantine has been that long in Ontario. The past year has provided a much slower lifestyle and, perhaps to it's credit, a much-needed break from undesirable socialization. However, now, in May of 2021, many of us are finding ourselves itching for a change. Change may be enacted in many different areas of the self: mental, emotional and physical. Luckily, boxing impacts and creates change across all three. So if you are looking for a shift, are in deep need of a revamp, or are going mildly insane… you have come to the right place! 
"I don't have the equipment," "I am afraid of looking stupid," "I literally have no idea what boxing is except for that one fight my ex-boyfriend made me stay up till 11 PM to watch"...Yeah, we hear you. We've been there too, sis (BTW, I still don't know what Logan Paul actually does). The excuses are a dime a dozen, and if you really want to experience a change in self, you will have to stop relying on those excuses as a crutch. Your leg ain't really broken. 
Where to begin? Well, the first place to start is in the confidence department. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. When trying something new, whether it's a new kind of workout, a new hobby, or a new job, the foreign and unknown is always daunting. You must first get over that initial fear of looking ridiculous, "doing it wrong," and failure. Yes, there is a possibility (and a strong likelihood) that all three things will occur at some point. Still, we push past this because, honestly, the only way to achieve success is by persevering through the tough stuff. Without sounding like a cliche, you'll never know if you never try! 
Okay, now where to physically begin? Well, I hate to say it, but in the cardio department. I know, I know, CARDIO, the word itself is enough to give me the ick. All that aside, getting your cardio right doesn't necessarily mean running a marathon. It just means beginning to train your body for endurance and stamina. Begin to incorporate some uphill brisk walking, skipping rope and working in the occasional hill run, sprint or stairs. 
The second element to work on is technique. While gloves and hand wraps are not essential, we shamelessly recommend our own... they are the best! Practicing technique can begin with learning the different kinds of punches and pairing that with shadow-boxing. The three main kinds of punches are the jab, the hook, and the cross. For each of these punches, you will want to learn the proper stance. Have your feet shoulder-width apart, slight bend in the knees and leading with the shoulder that is the opposite of the hand you punch with. The "Jab" is a quick-paced punch with the opposite hand to that of your dominant. The hook is thrown at a 90-degree angle thrown to the side, and you may use either hand. Lastly, the "cross" is thrown "straight" with your dominant hand. Some great youtube videos on "Fight Camps" page show proper form, allowing you to do a little self-check! 
You don't need a sparring buddy just yet! Shadowboxing, whereby you stand in the mirror and punch the air, is a great way to begin. This what makes getting into boxing amid a global pandemic so achievable! You really only need yourself and motivation.
Remember, starting out is always the most challenging part! So be kind to yourself, practice patience and self-love. Oh, and treat yourself to some apparel while you are at it ;)

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