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Be the difference you want to see. When you're a part of the KO Ambassadors, you get exciting bonuses such as exclusive perks, early access, etc. But most importantly, you get to make a difference and empower others in your own community.

Why Join KO Ambassadors?

Start your journey with KO Studio. As a KO Ambassador, you get to be a part of the KO Team and help us make your dreams come true. If you're passionate about making a difference in fighters in your community and uplifting others, you'd be the perfect fit for us. Sign up now to see the perks you get as a KO Ambassador!


What is it?

By becoming a member of our #koambassadors, you become a valued part of our exclusive community of ambassadors. Applying to join is super easy and takes only two minutes, and once accepted into our program, you can select exciting missions to undertake and earn a range of enjoyable rewards!

What perks
do you get?

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Easy cash payouts
Get % commission, cash rewards, and gift cards when others use your individual, unique referral code!

Fun missions & rewards
Amazing opportunities for you to earn cash, gift cards, and free gear!

KO Community
Meet with like-minded people and connect fully with the rest of the KO Community!

Exclusive access
Get exclusive access to events, early product drops, and more!

Who is it for?

It's an open invitation to everyone, regardless of who you are! Whether you're a fan of ko studio products (because why wouldn't you be), an influencer looking to try the latest designs, or a content creator ready to tackle creative challenges, we encourage you to apply and join us.

How it works



Download the Brandbassador app and fill out a super quick and easy KO Ambassadors application.


Complete missions

We are always coming out with new and exciting missions that you're welcome to complete at any time!


Get your reward

After finishing missions, you'll receive rewards such as gift cards, VIP points, cash, or a % commission!

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Meet our KO Ambassadors!

In-Person Events

Take a look at some of our community coming together!

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Ask Us Questions

What is a KO Ambassador?

Being a KO Ambassador means being an inspiration to female fighters around the world, not only are you spreading KO Studio's mission but you are also helping us revolutionize the future of female boxing while scoring free swag & cash along the way! 

Our KO Ambassadors are passionate individuals who are active in their communities and motivated to make the world a better place for female athletes <3

What do I do as a KO Ambassador?

You get to enjoy insane perks, make a difference in your community, and connect with like-minded people! Your responsibilities as an ambassador would include: creating content using KO Gear, sharing our promotions online, being active in the KO Krew Community Platform, and more!

What are the benefits of being a KO Ambassador?

If you enjoy training with our gear and want to share the love with your friends and family, you can do so now while earning benefits such as: personalized referral codes that grants discounts, earn 10% commission on each sale you make, special giveaways, and exclusive designs!

How long does it take to hear back after sending in my application?

Due to the number of applications we get each day - it may take a few days to receive your results via email! Rest assured we go through each and every one of them <3 

Do you do collabs or partnerships with influencers?

Yes! We do collabs & partnerships through our ambassadorship program. If you have any other ideas in mind feel free to DM us on Instagram!

How do I get paid for my sales?

You can cash out the commissions you've earned via Paypal anytime on our system! To apply as a KO Ambassador, you are required to have PayPal to signup - no worries it's free and super quick to use - just head to to create your account!  

Who do I reach out to regarding Ambassador Concerns?

You can reach out to us in the KO Krew Community Platform or even inquire under the community's Ambassador Space to meet & discuss with other KO Ambassadors