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Empower and elevate the world of women's boxing by diving into thrilling challenges and missions, all while earning awesome commissions and rewards. Enjoy exclusive perks like free merch, discount codes, cash, and more! Ready to champion change and have a blast? Join KO Ambassadors today!

What is it?

- Sign up in just 1 minute.

- Earn 15% cash commission on all sales from your referrals.

- Share your boxing journey and help us create engaging content.

- Receive free gear and exclusive ambassador merch.

- Collaborate with us to design custom boxing equipment.

Why Join KO Ambassadors?

- Join a groundbreaking movement in women's boxing and help make history.
- Lead the charge in promoting inclusivity and innovative design.
- Earn cash and exclusive rewards along the way.
- Embark on the perfect side quest for extra income.


What perks
do you get?

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Cash Payouts
KO ambassadors can earn more than $5k.

Fun Missions
Create engaging content and connect with top trainers and gyms.

Exclusive Merch
Get access to ambassador-only apparel drops.

Custom Gear
Design your very own boxing gloves.

Check Out Our Tiers





Condition: >2000 KO Points
What you get: Mystery KO Hand Wraps




Condition: >8000 KO Points
What you get: Limited Edition Apparel




Condition: >20000 KO Points
What you get: Custom Boxing Gloves

Earn Points on Activities

Earn Money Back

2% cashback on every purchase!


Shoot an unboxing video when you receive your KO gear!

Take A Selfie

Strike a pose and show off your OOTD in a selfie!

Hand Wrap Tutorial

Show us how you wrap your hands!

Bag Work Cuts

Create content while you train and hit the bags! Show us how you train in style.

And Many More!

Exciting activities and exclusive opportunities await you inside!

Who is it for?

Whether you’re just starting out, a lifelong fighter, or an experienced trainer, we want you on our team. If you love KO gear and crave exclusive drops, custom merch, fun challenges, and cash commissions, join us as a KO ambassador. Share your boxing journey and grow with us!

Earn While Doing What You Love

With KO, you can get paid for your passion. 

Earn 15% on all sales you generate with KO through our referral/affiliate program. 

Share your unique code at the gym or online, create engaging content, and watch your earnings grow. 

Promote KO and enjoy the rewards!


How To Join


Sign up today.

Create an account with our Toki Wallet on the bottom left side of the site.


Complete missions.

We are always coming out with new and exciting missions that you're welcome to complete at any time!


Get your reward.

After finishing missions, you'll receive rewards such as discount coupons, cash, gifts, or a % commission!

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Meet our KO Ambassadors!

Real Stories from Real Ambassadors


I teach women's martial arts in Ottawa and love making martial arts a place where women feel safe and accepted. Your gear fits perfectly, which has been hard to find, and I admire your women-led, Canadian brand. It aligns with my passion for empowering women in martial arts.


I'm impressed by how the brand supports female boxers. After five years of boxing and overcoming a serious injury, I believe KO Studio creates the community and gear that female boxers have always needed, and I want to help inspire others in the sport.


KO Studio creates stylish and functional equipment for women, which is essential for pursuing passions like boxing. Since I started boxing a year ago, I've become healthier and stronger, and I want to help empower other women to do the same.


I'm passionate about encouraging women to start boxing for fitness, technique, or stress relief. I love fostering a supportive environment where women feel empowered and welcomed.


Boxing has empowered me, boosted my mental health, and made me feel like a badass. I'm passionate about encouraging other women to experience the strength and confidence that boxing offers.


Boxing has empowered me after a challenging journey with scoliosis and spinal surgery. I'm passionate about sharing my story to inspire other women to embrace fitness and feel strong.


I love how the brand supports and includes women in boxing, which aligns with my passion for Muay Thai and empowering women in male-dominated sports. The creative and high-quality products, like your wraps, excite me, and I look forward to inspiring more women to join martial arts.


Boxing restored my confidence and improved my body image after college. I aim to inspire other women to feel empowered and badass through boxing, regardless of skill level. My journey as an amateur boxer can resonate with others just starting out and looking to feel great about themselves.

In-Person Events

Take a look at some of our community coming together!

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Experience True Belonging

This is more than just an ambassador program; it's a community. Consider this your invitation to be part of something truly special.

Ask Us Questions

What is a KO Ambassador?

Being a KO Ambassador means being an inspiration to female fighters around the world, not only are you spreading KO Studio's mission but you are also helping us revolutionize the future of female boxing while scoring free swag & cash along the way! 

Our KO Ambassadors are passionate individuals who are active in their communities and motivated to make the world a better place for female athletes <3

What do I do as a KO Ambassador?

As a KO Ambassador, you'll enjoy fantastic perks, impact your community, and connect with passionate individuals. Your role includes creating content with KO gear, sharing our promotions online, engaging actively on the KO Krew Community Platform, and much more!

What are the benefits of being a KO Ambassador?

You can earn commissions and receive rewards like cashback, discount coupons, and cash. Plus, you can get free gear, including exclusive apparel and custom boxing gloves.

How long does it take to hear back after sending in my application?

Due to the number of sign-ups we get each day - it may take a few days to receive your results! Rest assured we go through each and every one of them <3 

Do you do collabs or partnerships with influencers?

Yes! We do collabs & partnerships through our ambassadorship program. If you have any other ideas in mind, feel free to DM us on Instagram!

How do I get paid for my sales?

You can cash out the commissions you've earned via Toki Wallet anytime on our system! 

Who do I reach out to regarding Ambassador concerns?

You can reach out to us on the KO Krew Community Platform, through Instagram, or email us at