Girl's Guide to Boxing in the City -

Girl's Guide to Boxing in the City

Tips and Tricks to help a city girl find the perfect gym.
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Despite the stereotype that boxing is a man-only sport due to the false perception that women can not box or that they are too weak, they continue to break this stereotype with the rise of equipment that fits their hands and bodies, and they are now able to comfortably box whilst using equipment that was made for them. 

Finding a good boxing gym is extremely important to one’s boxing and fitness journey, listed below are the steps you can take to help you find a gym that best suits you and your needs.

-       Do you want to go to a women’s only gym?

Do you want to go to a women’s only gym because you feel safer around women, or do you not care to have a mix of both men and women at the gym?

-       What’s your budget?

Does the gym membership fit into your monthly expenses, or do you not have a budget and you’re free to splurge on the gym? 

-       Do they rent out equipment or do you have to bring your own?

Having a good pair of gloves is extremely important because it can truly shift the way your boxing journey goes because equipment that improperly fits can put trauma/stress on your body. 

-       Have you checked their google/yelp reviews? 

Sometimes checking Google or Yelp to gauge other people’s experiences is the best way to understand how you might fit in! Whether it be the friendliness of the staff, culture of your fellow fitness enthusiasts, or simply the feeling you get when you step inside, reviews are a great way to understand the ins and outs of all of the gyms on your radar.

-       Are they open late for after work or do they meet your schedule?

Figure out your schedule and allocate time towards your boxing routine. Are you in school or do you work? Are you a morning or a night person? Figure out your routine and what you like and then you can decide which gym you’d like to go to that is open when you want to box. 

-       Give them a call and book a tour to feel the vibes of the gym!

Book a tour! The best way to know a gym is right for you is for you to book a tour and get the vibes of the place. Some gyms even have a one-week trial where you can use the facility for a week or a couple of days and afterwards you can make a final decision if you want to get a membership there! 


All these factors are extremely important to making sure you’re comfortable with starting or continuing your boxing journey.

Having good athleisure wear is extremely important as well! When you look good, you feel good. Find out what you like to work out in. Do you like shorts, leggings, or sweatpants? Do you feel comfortable working out in a sports bra or a baggy shirt? Do you have comfortable running shoes? And do you have good boxing equipment that fits you properly? All of these factors are critical in not only deciding on your comfort level in a gym, but also prevent injury and improve performance and KO Studio has some amazing apparel that can do just that, like our Lizzie shorts and Laila bras! We also have a variety of gloves and hand wraps to suit your fitness and fashion needs.


Going to a good gym is a fundamental cornerstone in having a good routine for your boxing/health goals. It truly motivates you in working harder and doing better with support from the staff as well as other boxers at the gym. 

And as we all know, going to a bad gym can sometimes be unmotivating, making you more likely to stop boxing or working out, and you’ll lose track of your fitness goals just because of it’s environment. Using these tips provided above can really help you obtain your goals, making you a better version of yourself in no time!

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